Draw pipes as smart CAD-objects?
Yes you can!

Due to the legal obligation to digitally store sewer house connections, vdPConsulting recently delivered an implementation of vdPCADdesign.

The starting point was to increase the sewer-house connections in AutoCAD with which scale 1: 200 drawings can be made. The AutoCAD polylines and blocks are provided with additional information so that an export to ESRI Shape files can be performed. These files form input for the BOR system in which the sewage system of the entire municipality is managed.

When adding new pipeline features, the properties must first be entered/selected in accordance with the datamodel, some of which are mandatory. Then the user can – as usual with a polyline – create the geometry. When closing the polyline, the pipe is drawn, on the correct NLCS-layer, with color and linetype. The Xdata-information is linked to it and a label is created. These labels “stick” to the pipes and when the location of the pipe is adjusted with regular AutoCAD functionality; grip edit, insert vertex etc. the labels are also adjusted.

vdPCADdesign is a C#.NET utility and available for various AutoCAD-versions.

The extension for the main sewage system is currently being implemented. For both design and revision drawings.

More information?
Ask the cadgis-consultant or read vdPCADdesign articles on our weblog.