The man behind van der Pol-Consulting bv is Henny van der Pol.

About Henny

After finishing my civil engineering education (in 1979) I started to work as a surveyor for an enigineering firm. I was involved with various projects inland and abroad. For instance as a surveyoperator on the ships Macoma, Ostrea and Taklift which were involved with the construction of the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier and as surveyconsultant for a project in water pipelines in Saoudi Arabia.

From 1985 till 1998 I worked for three different software companies where I was responsible for the development of the surveying software TopoCAD. This software works in cooperation with the technical drawing software AutoCAD. In 1998 I started to work for the U.S. company Autodesk (developers of AutoCAD) where I fulfilled various international business consulting jobs for GIS & Mapping.

Senior CAD/GIS Software Consultant

As of 2009 I’m selfemployed – van der Pol-Consulting bv – and work as a software consultant for al sorts of clients.

My core values are:
Technical expertise, driven, team player, teamleader (Scrum/Agile), supportive, connecting skills, solution-oriented and  fan.

What others say about me:
Analytical, communicative, thinks in constructive solutions from the perspective of the client, concerned and enthousiastic, with a sense of humor.

“Never a dull moment.”