1964 - 1968Prof. Gunningschool, Velp
1968 - 1970Prof. Casimirschool, Velp
1970 - 1976Het Rhedens Lyceum, Rozendaal
1976 - 1979MTS Arnhem, Arnhem
1980 - 1984Survey curriculums
1984 - 1986IT curriculums
1996 - nowAutodesk, Oracle and ESRI-trainings
developer, product & business
various software development environments:
C/C++, HTML & JavaScript, XML/XSL, VB.NET, C#.NET
Field Surveyor1979 - 1985
Geo-Meetdienst is a survey engineering company.
I was surveyor at different projects at home and abroad; among which surveyoperator at the special vessels Macoma, Ostrea & Taklift involved with the construction of the Oosterschelde Stormvloedkering and surveyconsultant at a waterpipelineproject in Saoedi-Arabia.
Support Engineer, Developer1985 - 1989
Optronics was a commercial company; we sold survey equipment, computers, printers, plotters & software.
In 1984 we have started the development of TopoCAD; a survey software package that worked in co-operation with AutoCAD.
Developer1989 - 1995
After the bankruptcy of Optronics, the profitable activities where taken over by Rocomp.
Product Mngr, Developer1995 - 1998
In the beginning of 1995 the TopoCAD software-department was taken over by NedGraphics.
I became the product mngr for TopoCAD, responsible for future developments & strategy.
GIS Application Engineer BNL1998 - 2001
I've joined Autodesk in july 1998 working for the Benelux GIS Team in the role of GIS Application Engineer.
(GIS = Geographical Informaton Systems)
Responsible for supporting channel partners, technical presentations & pilots for prospects, road-shows and seminars.
GIS Technical Sales Mngr EMEA2001 - 2006
In may 2001 I've joined the EMEA GIS Sales Exec Team in the role of GIS Technical Sales Mngr.
(EMEA = Europe, Middle East & Africa)
A technical resource for both the own team, as the sales teams in the regions - responsible for EMEA input into product mngt/dev for the future GIS strategy - internal & resellers trainings, bootcamps, techcamps etc.etc.
GIS Consultant BNL2006 - 2009
From may 2006 I was the new GIS Consulting Solution Executive in the Benelux.
A new function, where I worked together with the Autodesk sales & consultancy teams to spot for new project opportunities and carried both commercial & project responsibility.
After a pilot-period, the CSC-program has been started in EMEA in february 2007 and I became the first senior Customer Success Consultant.
Director, Owner
Senior CAD/GIS Software Consultant
1 april 2009 - now
In march 2009 I’ve started as selfemployed professional.
In march 2014 the sole proprietorship has been transformed into a private limited liability company; van der Pol-Consulting bv
july 2010 - december 2018
july 2010 - februari 2014 - Founding member, in the function of secretary.
consultantseptember 2011 - now
consultantaugust 2012 - december 2016
Geo Academie
consultantjuly 2019 - now
Cadac Xpert
March 2024 marks 15 years since I was registered as an independent consultant with the Chamber of Commerce and 10 years since I transformed my sole proprietorship into a private limited liability company.
In June 2024 it will be 45 years since I started my working life as a surveyor.

VH logo
member1 january 1965 - 1 september 2003
VH_110spring 1980 - september 1981
Jubilee committee for 110th anniversary, in the function of chairman.
boardmember4 march 1980 - 28 march 1988
In the function of 2nd chairman.
25th year membershipoctober 1990
boardmember29 october 1991 - 1 september 2003
First as acting chairman, from 6 april 1992 as 1st chairman.
webmasterFrom 1997 maintenance of the VH-website.
mergerspring 2002 - 1 september 2003
Merger Velpse Harmonie and Kunst aan het Volk
in the function of chairman.
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member1 september 2003 - now
boardmember1 september 2003 - 9 february 2015
In the function of 1st chairman.
webmasterAfter the merge, both websites of VH & KahV merged into the website of Unisono.
40th year membershipnovember 2005
50th year membershipnovember 2015
Appointed honorary chairman.
RMF logo
boardmember1 january 1994 - september 2012
In the function of secretary.
From 15 november 1995 acting chairman as well.
From 1 january 1996 in the function of 1st chairman.
nota ak1996
One of the architects of the new note for the amature practice of art.
Participant in consultation with various (professional & amature) practice of art organisations to research how to cut down expenses by acting together.
Founding member of The Alliantie Foundation.
webmasterFrom 1997 maintenance of the RMF-website.
musicperformanceFrom november 2005 involved in the preparation of the RMF Musicperformance "Oevers van Rheton" 2009.
RMF ProMusica Foundation27 october 2006 - 31 december 2010
Founding member, in the function of secretary.
musicperformanceFrom november 2009 involved in the preparation of the RMF Musicperformance "Ode aan de Vrijheid" 2010.
CultuurBedrijf io17 april 2011 - september 2012
Involved with the founding of the Rhedens CultuurBerijf; the joint venture of the Alliantie, Musica Allegra and the RMF.
mergerseptember 2012 - The merger of the Alliantie, Musica Allegra and the RMF is the end of the Rhedense Muziek Federatie (after more than 32 years).
boardmemberseptember 1996 - june 1998
Boardmember at the Streekmuziekschool Zuid-Oost Veluwe Foundation.
Member of the steering committee to establish the Musica Allegra Foundation.
memberoctober 1996 - june 1998
Member of the committee Adviescommissie Kunst en Cultuur (AKC).
boardmember30 june 1997 - may 2001
Boardmember on behalf of the RMF and co-founder of The Alliantie Foundation.
boardmember1 october 2010 - september 2012
Boardmember on behalf of the RMF.
mergerseptember 2012 - The merger of the Alliantie, Musica Allegra and the RMF.
boardmember10 april 2012 - 31 december 2014
Boardmember (interim chairman) & co-founder.
RiQQ - Rhedense Instelling voor Cultuur en Kunst
decorandusnovember 2015
It has pleased His Majesty the King to appoint you as Member in the Order of Oranje-Nassau.
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member16 march 2017 - now
participantJan Schaper-course spring 2017 fase I
candidate and
campaign manager
Local Council Elections march 21 2018, Municipality Berg en Dal
boardmember5 july 2017 - 28 march 2022
Boardmember, department Berg en Dal
from 27 november 2017 as Chairman
webmaster28 august 2017 - now
Webmaster for the website
participantJan Schaper-course autumn 2017 fase II
memberfebruary 2018 - now
PvdA SPD Cross-Border Discussion
boardmemberjuly 2019 - august 2021
Foundation for Culture and Solidarity
candidate and
campaign manager
Local Council Elections march 16 2022, Municipality Berg en Dal
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councilor16 march 2022 - now
Municipal councilor in the municipality of Berg en Dal on behalf of the PvdA
group chair14 april 2023 - 4 august 2023
Acting group chair