vdPClassify, MicroStation DGN and ESRI Shape

vdPClassify has been developed to provide information on DWG-elements to be stored in a migration scheme and also to capture the ‘mapping’ to the appropriate database tables and attributes.

vdPClassify was until recently only able to process AutoCAD or AutoCAD Map DWGs.
From now on it is also possible to process (a folder with) MicroStation DGN’s. vdPClassify still has to run as a plugin in AutoCAD, but during the processing of a folder CAD-files, the software checks whether it is a DWG or DGN and processes it properly.

By means of smart data filters, objects from the drawings are filtered. Next, information from the objects is read using powerful property filters.

vdPClassify writes the classified objects to GML.
From now on it is also possible to use vdPClassify on vanilla AutoCAD (without using the FME-engine) to write these objects to ESRI Shape files.

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