Apple comes with ultra thin iPad

SAN FRANCISCO 27/01/2010 – Apple has introduced a new mobile device to push the upcomming products like netbooks and e-readers away. The iPad, a kind of mix between iPhone and MacBook.

Everyone was talking about it on their blogs or tweets
and Steve Jobs walks from the podium
and he comes walking back
and he says: ” one more thing … “

I’ve been watching his keynote speech last night and at a given moment I thought: ” I can see myself on the couch surfing the web, listening music, watching movies and reading an eBook “.
But is this iPad a professional device ? Is this something I could use during meetings ? Can I run my powerpoint presentations from it ? Mayby not ( yet ), because I cannot run my ” regular ” software, only iPhone and iPad apps.

But it is a phenomenal piece of technology and the hype around it is also marvellous !!
So who knows – next month I’m in Las Vegas 😉