vdPClassify, migration phase

vdPClassify has been developed to provide information on DWG-elements to be stored in a migration scheme and also to capture the ‘mapping’ to the appropriate database tables and attributes. vdPClassify is a .NET utility available for various AutoCAD versions and can process a folder with AutoCAD & AutoCAD Map DWG’s and MicroStation DGN’s.

From the vdPClassify analysis, the filters in the migration control table are made:

  • Is the layer name equal to “Cables_OV”?
  • Is there objectdata linked with the tablename “Cables”?
  • Then the object is a “Cable_OV” feature.

Next, information from the objects is read using powerful property filters.

  • Geometry from the coordinates.
  • Unique ID from AutoCAD handle.
  • Theme-name is directly in the control table.
  • Material from object data.
  • etc.

As an example, the result of one AutoCAD-polyline written to GML with limited IMKL-information.

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