vdPClassify, analysis phase

vdPClassify has been developed to provide information on DWG-elements to be stored in a migration scheme and also to capture the ‘mapping’ to the appropriate database tables and attributes. vdPClassify is a .NET utility available for various AutoCAD versions and can process a folder with AutoCAD & AutoCAD Map DWG’s and MicroStation DGN’s.

The first step in a vdPClassify project is an onsite analysis of the CAD-drawingfiles. With the help of functions from the vdPClassify-toolkit, one of our consultants can analyze information about the drawing(s). Think of an overview of the layernames that are in use, what kind of elements are on these layers and is information linked to these elements in the form of xdata or objectdata. If a classification can be derived from the structure of the layernames, does color or linetype tell something about the status of the object, etc.

Based on this information, the smart data filters can be built with which the desired objects from the drawing(s) can be filtered.

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