upgrade to VMware Fusion 4

There are several software solutions to work with Windows programs on a Mac under OS X; BootCamp, Parallels or VMware Fusion. I’m using VMware for a while now, because I had good experiences with VMware Workstation on a PC.

For the Mac there is now a new version, so I upgraded my version to VMware Fusion 4. Faster, better integration with the Mac. … And with support for Apple OSX 10.7 Lion.

AutoCAD on the Mac

I’ve seen the announcement on several blogs “Autodesk is now officially supporting AutoCAD 2010 on Mac“.
However if you read a little bit more further, than you’ll find out that AutoCAD is supported on BootCamp.

Mac OS X 10.5 - LeopardBootCamp is a Mac OS X 10.5 component, which allows you to install Windows XP or Vista on a seperate partition to run Windows apps. Those apps can make use of the Mac hardware processors, 3D graphics accelerators etc.
You have to re-boot to be able to switch between Mac OS and Windows.

Waiting on full Mac support, I would prefer VMware Fusion. This virtualization software allows running a Windows machine as guest on the Mac OS.