dg DIALOG Topografie data in Oracle Spatial available in AutoCAD Map

Do you recognize this ?
dg DIALOG Topografie manage the basemap in Oracle SpatialAs AutoCAD user you need a basemap as backdrop behind your new design. The survey department maintains the basemap in dg DIALOG. You have to request them to make an export for you in DXF-format.

They don’t have the time to do this right away, so can your project wait or do you use an older version of a DWG that is maybe not completely up-to-date ?
Or… wat about using AutoCAD Map functionality to connect to the dg DIALOG datase in Oracle yourself ?
Because dg DIALOG and AutoCAD Map both support the Oracle Spatial standards.

Nice story, but how ?
AutoCAD Map connects to dg DIALOG Topografie basemap data in Oracle SpatialAs a preparation one needs to organize the automatic grouping of objects based on dg DIALOG objectcodes.
AutoCAD Map connects to Oracle and uses thematic presentation functionality to setup the correct display settings.

These settings are stored as AutoCAD Map template drawings. Such a template is the start of every new project. In this template you’ll find the connection and styling of the data, not the data itself, this comes live from the database. This is “single survey, multiple use” in reality.

Because of this working method the design in AutoCAD and the actual topography from dg DIALOG stay separated. The AutoCAD user can use all well known object snapping functions, because the backdrop data isn’t just a pretty picture. Also is AutoCAD Map capable to “save as” a complete drawing to share with third parties.