MobileMe vs iCloud email alias

I was a satisfied MobileMe user and had configured so called email aliases. These were some external POP email accounts ( 5 in my case ) read by the MobileMe service and pushed to my iPhone, iPhone and MacBook.

Now I have migrated to iCloud for a while, but there the concept of email aliasses has a totally different meaning. They are now just alternate addresses ( max 3 ) for your Apple ID ( your email address ) that you can use to make online purchases for example. However, the old settings also seem to just work; the POP addresses are still just read, without the ability to configure them in the iCloud email preferences.

Don’t ask, just enjoy.

But sometimes it’s not quite right. The emails are properly read and forwarded to my iPad2 and MacBook Pro, but not ( always ) to my iPhone4. While the settings are just the same.
Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data -> Push

Turn this setting on the iPhone4 temporarily into Fetch and after a short time into Push again. It might be a solution … fingers crossed.

iPhone4 iOS v5.0.1
iPad2 iOS v5.0.1
MacBook Pro OS X Lion v10.7.2

Evernote upgrade to Premium


The application I am using the most on my iPad is Evernote. Very handy to take notes during meetings and sharing those with my other devices through the Cloud.With the Free version you can store all kinds of notes, eg cut and paste pieces of text from a webpage into a note. Everything you capture will be automatically processed, indexed and made searchable. If you prefer, you can add keywords or organize notes in different notebooks. You can also attach images, audio and PDF files to a note.

In the Premium version you are not limited to PDF, but you can attach all kinds of files to your notes. Also in the Premium version the notes database is stored locally on the iPhone and iPhone and you can work with Evernote without web access, very usefull on the airplane.

Is an iPad just a bigger iPhone ?

Evernote on IpadRecently, in possession of an iPad2. Is it just a bigger iPhone, which is not capabele of making phonecalls ? Well, because they both use the same iOS operating system, and because many applications suitable for both devices you would almost say yes.
But most apps have an ajusted user interface, using the bigger screen for the iPad. Therefore, they work slightly better than on the small screen of the iPhone.

The application I am using the most on my iPad is Evernote. Very handy to take notes during meetings and sharing those with my other devices through the Cloud.
Another application is iBooks, great for reading books on my iPad and sharing bookmaks with my iPhone using the Cloud, to continue reading.

AutoCAD in the Cloud: access to your drawing files anywhere

seen on Geoff’s blog – Between the Poles

AutoCAD in the cloud, also known as AutoCAD WS, is getting a lot of interest. AutoCAD WS enables you to share AutoCAD drawings (DWGs) including viewing and editting over the web. Users can view, edit, and share drawings with just a browser, or with standalone iOS or Android apps.

  • – web application and online workspace
  • AutoCAD WS – mobile app for the for Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and for Android
  • AutoCAD WS Plug-in – to upload and synchronize files automatically from AutoCAD