update IMGeo 2.0

The final consultation date for IMGeo (including BGT) is announced. This is August 29 with the consultation period which will last three weeks. The websites of Geonovum and IenM will announce the way the consultation will be carried out.

Review on the BGT informationmodel

seen on the VROM website

On wednesday september 15th and thursday september 16th the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment will present the draft informationmodel of the Large Scale Basemap (BGT). Until september 29th there is time to review and give feedback on the draft.

Geonovum requests input for IMGeo v2.0

seen on the Geonovum website

Geonovum invites you to contribute to the next version of the large scale basemapping informationmodel IMGeo.

IMGeo includes the obligatory BGT specs and in addition a set of optional specs. The new version of IMGeo, version 2.0, is all about these optional specs and will include “plus-topography” and “maintenance-topographyā€¯.

Limburg starts with the BGT

BGT-objects from Oracle databaseThough nobody exactly knows what the ‘prescription-book’ for the new Large Scale Basemap will look like, there are enough reasons the start already. The Province of Limburg has started to make there thousand basemaps of their provincial roads ‘BGT-ready’.

Again involved in a BGT project

Besides the BGT-project in Limburg, what has evolved from Pilot into Production fase, I’m involved in a couple of other projects where the BGT is an important component.

In existing geo-information systems, DWG is often used as format for large scale basemaps. For other processes in the organisation DWG’s have to be converted into Shape- or SDF-files. We are currently executing a research how to store and use this data from a central geo-database and we would like the structure to be BGT-ready.
More posts about this topic soon.