AutoCAD® Map 3D 2012 – what’s new

Data Access & Editing
Improved capabilities to access and edit data from more sources enabling you to use your AutoCAD capabilities to edit data.

  • Standalone industry models
  • Consistent AutoCAD editing tools
  • New coordinate systems framework
  • New & enhanced FDO providers

Planning, Analysis & Publishing
New tools for planning, analysis and sharing of information enabling you to better plan for projects.

  • Rich CAD & cartographic display styles & labeling
  • New analytic capabilities for industry models
  • Enhanced DWG™ output
  • Improved grids & graticules

Data Modeling & Management
Powerful tools for the modeling and management of infrastructure information.

  • Extensible vertical industry data models for desktop & enterprise
  • Industry specific workflows & business rules
  • Powerful administration tools
  • Customizable attribute forms, Reports