Autodesk Consulting Services Partners

I recently got the following invitation:
This year, Autodesk has expanded its Channel Services Program to EMEA, now offering selected companies in the region the opportunity to become Autodesk Consulting Services Partners and access additional support from Autodesk in growing a consulting business. Your regional Autodesk sales team has nominated your company as a qualified potential member and we would like to invite you to find out more about becoming a Consulting Services Partner.

I am happy with this initiative, because that give me more access to specific methodologies, tools and training from Autodesk Consulting.
It also brings me in contact with other members of this services program community and as a result working on international projects again. I was already contacted for a project in Russia, but that was out of my scope of expertise.

Autodesk Developer Network ( ADN ) membership

Today I’ve applied for the Autodesk Developer Network ( ADN ) membership again.

Before I joined Autodesk, the DevTech engineers where an important source of information for me as application developer. Also in my time at Autodesk, they where ( together with Product Mngt and Product Support ) the first point of contact for technical questions.