Masterclass “Digital Cities: inzicht in stedelijke ontwikkeling met één druk op de knop”

How evident is it, that water comes out of the shower ... How evident is it, that water comes out of the shower when we step under it sleepy in the morning? How evident is it, that they’ve constructed infrastructure and that is maintained wel to function properly?

For us, as residents of the Western world is the first point very evident. The second, on further consideration, as well, because a good infrastructure is a logical condition for a nice and warm shower. But what does this mean in practice? And what are the options?

Infrastructure data, like technical maps with roads and buildings and material lists, diameters and capacities are available in different ways and formats. Put all this informaton in a computer system and link this together and you’re building a geographical information system or GIS. If you’re adding a 3D component as well and you’re building your Digitale City!

This is the theme of the Masterclass “Digital Cities: insight in urban development with one button push” Which I’m presenting on behalf of Autodesk during the Geo Youth Capital congress in Rotterdam on vrijdag juni 19th.