upgrade to VMware Fusion 4

There are several software solutions to work with Windows programs on a Mac under OS X; BootCamp, Parallels or VMware Fusion. I’m using VMware for a while now, because I had good experiences with VMware Workstation on a PC.

For the Mac there is now a new version, so I upgraded my version to VMware Fusion 4. Faster, better integration with the Mac. … And with support for Apple OSX 10.7 Lion.

vdPConsulting website v2.0 – work in progress

The current website www.vanderpol-consulting.com has been developed in august 2009 in Flash. Two years later it’s time for an upgrade.

The new design will be created using HTML5 and CSS3, the content will be partially re-written en there will be movies on the site.
Today we shot some movie content on location – subject… guess what 😉

Is an iPad just a bigger iPhone ?

Evernote on IpadRecently, in possession of an iPad2. Is it just a bigger iPhone, which is not capabele of making phonecalls ? Well, because they both use the same iOS operating system, and because many applications suitable for both devices you would almost say yes.
But most apps have an ajusted user interface, using the bigger screen for the iPad. Therefore, they work slightly better than on the small screen of the iPhone.

The application I am using the most on my iPad is Evernote. Very handy to take notes during meetings and sharing those with my other devices through the Cloud.
Another application is iBooks, great for reading books on my iPad and sharing bookmaks with my iPhone using the Cloud, to continue reading.