NEN2580 Reportservice

One of the projects vdPConsulting has been working on – as a subcontractor – is the NEN2580 Reportservice.

The system consists of a C# application in Autodesk Revit that can classify projects and create a NEN2580 compatible report using a webservice.

For more details take a look here at the NEN website ( in Dutch ),

The YuZu Business Case on Autodesk University 2012

At Picard Innovations, we develop software applications to improve the use of precision tools in construction development. Our breakthrough application is called YuZu; smart software that captures existing measurement conditions into the AutoCAD and Revit environment. Instantly and easy, using Bluetooth. It allows you to draw while you measure. And YuZu is not just more accurate, but also 50% more time effective. It’s the new measure in drawing.

Please watch the explanation of our business case on Autodesk University 2012

The complete virtual class is online at the Autodesk University website.