MobileMe vs iCloud email alias

I was a satisfied MobileMe user and had configured so called email aliases. These were some external POP email accounts ( 5 in my case ) read by the MobileMe service and pushed to my iPhone, iPhone and MacBook.

Now I have migrated to iCloud for a while, but there the concept of email aliasses has a totally different meaning. They are now just alternate addresses ( max 3 ) for your Apple ID ( your email address ) that you can use to make online purchases for example. However, the old settings also seem to just work; the POP addresses are still just read, without the ability to configure them in the iCloud email preferences.

Don’t ask, just enjoy.

But sometimes it’s not quite right. The emails are properly read and forwarded to my iPad2 and MacBook Pro, but not ( always ) to my iPhone4. While the settings are just the same.
Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data -> Push

Turn this setting on the iPhone4 temporarily into Fetch and after a short time into Push again. It might be a solution … fingers crossed.

iPhone4 iOS v5.0.1
iPad2 iOS v5.0.1
MacBook Pro OS X Lion v10.7.2

AutoCAD for Mac is now available, Download Now

seen on Shaan’s blog – Between the Lines

The real AutoCAD on the Apple Mac platform is now shipping as of this morning October 15th, 2010. There is a plethora of new information and a 30 day full trial available for download from

After a few years of development and millions of lines of code this first native AutoCAD for Mac is a giant leap forward in providing Autodesk customers the choice of platforms for their trusted AutoCAD and DWG files.

My new Apple Magic Trackpad

I love the build-in Trackpad on my Apple MacBook Pro very much, with 10 fingers typing and alternately using both hands to work on the Trackpad, super. But if I connect my MacBook to my Led Cinema Display, than my external keyboard & mouse are conneced to the screen and my MacBook is closed and trackpad un-touched…
Was… because since of today I’ve an external Magic Trackpad next to my keyboard on my desk, just marvellous.

AutoCAD for Mac will also come with support for several multi-touch gestures (well known from working on the iPhone) using a MacBook or external Trackpad. This is what an Autodesk support engineer wrote about it: “I first discovered these by accident. Without thinking about it, I did a 2-finger drag to pan a drawing I was working in and it actually PANNED”.

The new Magic Trackpad is the first Multi-Touch trackpad designed to work with your Mac desktop computer. It uses the same Multi-Touch technology you love on the MacBook Pro. And it supports a full set of gestures, giving you a whole new way to control and interact with what’s on your screen. Swiping through pages online feels just like flipping through pages in a book or magazine. And inertial scrolling makes moving up and down a page more natural than ever. Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology. Use it in place of a mouse or in conjunction with one on any Mac computer.

Autodesk Announces AutoCAD WS for the Cloud

seen on Geoff’s blog – Between the Poles

I blogged previously about Project Butterfly, an Autodesk Labs Technology Preview that allowed AutoCAD users to edit AutoCAD drawings over the web just using a web browser.
Autodesk has announced the commercial availability of AutoCAD WS. AutoCAD WS is a web application that allows you to view, edit, and share drawings (.dwg) through a web browser or a mobile device.

  • – web application and online workspace
  • AutoCAD WS – mobile app for Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
  • AutoCAD WS Plug-in – to upload and synchronize files automatically from AutoCAD

You can sign up for the web application. The mobile apps are available from the iTunes store. The Plug-ins are available for AutoCAD 2011, AutoCAD Map 3D 2011, and other AutoCAD based products at the download section of