Cadac Xperts & vdPConsulting

Thank you for all congratulations on LinkedIn. Let me immediately answer the question “do you stop van der Pol-Consulting bv and start working for the Cadac Group?“.
Nope. But what …

Cadac has largely transformed its sales organization into a web store; customers buy their software licenses and updates there. In an automated process, they receive their license codes and, of course, their invoices.
The sales guys are also transformed; they help customers to implement the solutions.

And that’s where they need the consultants.

We are going to serve our customers in Europe and Australia with a new expert platform, inspired by Uber and Airbnb“, said Jan Baggen, CEO Cadac Group

Cadac has vacancies for various types of consultants and wants to fill them in partly with independent professionals; that’s why the Cadac Xperts platform is started. There, consultants can create their profile and sign an agreement with Cadac. In addition to the software license, the customer can also book the consultant on the web store.
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vdPConsulting is as self-employed professional member of the Cadac Xperts platform.

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