BGT-meeting with Geonovum

In my previous post about the BGT-project which I’m working on lately, I wrote about the interest from the various local & regional discussion groups and the meeting that had been planned with Geonovum.
This post is a very short recap of that very interesting meeting.

After the introduction of the workflow ( see previous posts ) the discussion was started around the question: “where should the border polygon for the BGT be situated ?”
AutoCAD Map - existing basemap-data in DWGThe current drawings are along provincial roads, including the roads, cycle-tracks, ditches, terrains etc. They have more data than strictly inside the cadastral parcel of the province.
If we use the cadastral parcels as boundary, than we are using a polygon that is also part of an other national registration. We know from the pilot that sometimes areas outside the parcels are maintained by the province, also the reverse is true. It is also not practical to put the boundary on top of other topographic lines, because un-expected results can happen during cleanup and polygon creation.
Right now it is the idea to use virtual boundaries. For the future it is important to store them in the registry as well.

In the pilot was proven that there is sufficient classification in the current drawings to define the borders of the IMGeo-areas. Centroides are used to classify the areas themselves.
AutoCAD Map/FDO - BGT pilot-data from Oracle SpatialThere is a need to add more attributes to the centroides, than strictly necessary for the IMGeo-model.
It is of course no problem to store more info in the own database, if these attributes are translated into the desired attributes when uploading into the national registry.
Also the province has a greater level of detail in their point symbols, than strictly necessary.
No problem as well.

It is also possible to send those extra information to Geonovum. They could discuss to see if the model can be extended. In the summer of 2010 the BGT model will be established and there will be a new version of IMGeo.

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