AutoCAD Map/FDO – Spatial Query

seen on Neal’s blog – CAD and GIS Integration

GIS-data is in general on a complete other scale available than CAD-users need for their projects. Importing that GIS-dataset into a CAD-environment gives an overkill.
When talking with AutoCAD Map or Civil users about connecting to GIS-data using FDO-technology, they reject because it is still to much data.

For example an AutoCAD Civil 3D user has to develop a terrain-model and calculate volumes for a new housing construction area.
It would be very usefull to add the soil-layer from GIS, but not the whole province or municipality, only limited to the area needed for the project.

This is possible by adding a Spatial Query – by rectangle or polygon – when connecting to the data.

Spatial Query
The Spatial Query functionality is available in the Data Connect user interface.

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