AutoCAD Map – Break, Trim and CleanUp

In my previous post from AutoCAD Map DWG to BGT conform IMGeo I’ve blogged about a project where we have to migrate linework in drawings into polygon-objects in a database.

These are drawings along provincial roads, including the roads, cycle-tracks, ditches, terrains etc.
On top of the topography the cadastral parcel lines should be inserted. Inside the parcel is the data that should be structured, because this is the area that should be maintained by the province for the BGT.
The area outside the parcel polygon should be maintained by the municipality that owns that area.

Boundary BreakUsing Boundary Break the topography and the parcel polygon can be brooken against each other. And using Boundary Trim the inside & outside can be seperated.

To structure the area inside the parcel polygon we’re using the standard CleanUp functionality inside AutoCAD Map.
Using a Wizzard interface we can select the elements that needs to be structured, next we need to set the cleanup actions in a specific sequence with their respective tolerances that needs to fit to the accuracy of the material.
All cleanup settings should be carefully tested and can be stored in a cleanup profile to re-use these setting in the next drawings.

in my next post I’ll blog about polygon creation including IMGeo classification

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