AutoCAD 2014 for developers

seen on Kean’s blog – Through the Interface

Today is the official launch of 2014 family of products. AutoCAD 2014 will be available in the coming days to customers around the world. You’ll no doubt find lots of information on the internet, here are a couple of hightlights.

Starting with the new feature overview video:

Binary compatible release
The first thing to mention is that this release is binary application compatible with AutoCAD 2013. Applications built for AutoCAD 2013 should just work with AutoCAD 2014. It’s also worth noting that we’re still targeting .NET Framework 4.0 with this release. Reading between the lines, you should realise that we’re still building AutoCAD 2014 with the C++ compiler provided in Visual Studio 2010, for now. Aside from application compatibility, this is also a DWG compatible release: we’re not changing the DWG file format in AutoCAD 2014.

GeoLocation API
The AutoCAD Map 3D team has implemented a key feature in AutoCAD 2014. ObjectARX and .NET APIs have been provided that allow you to add geo-location information into an AutoCAD drawing.

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