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The man behind van der Pol-Consulting bv is Henny van der Pol. In 1979 Henny started his career as Surveyor and worked on many big projects, off-shore and in foreign countries. From 1985 he trained himself into the GIS and Mapping world and is now a senior consultant.

Henny has worked over 10 years as a CAD/GIS Consultant at Autodesk. In this position he started the integration of CAD and GIS. Since 2009 Henny is an independant consultant and available for support on all GeoSpatial challenges.

vdPConsulting is involved in BGT/IMGeo projects, helping out answering questions like: “what do we need to do for the BGT, what is the added value of IMGeo and how do we make clear what is the importance to our organisation”. vdPDevelopment is besides Advice & Consulting currently involved in many .NET Development projects.

What others say about Henny:
analytical, good communications skills, helps the customer think of possible solutions in a constructive way, committed and enthusiastic, with a sense of humor. “Never a dull moment”